Ride a little Yorkshire Heritage

EHR is a membership charity company that is owned by the community and run for the community.  As a member of the community you can ensure EHR has a sound future by becoming a member of Elsecar Heritage Railway Ltd.


It is important we have members to ensure that the community is represented in the decision making processes of the charitable company and that we comply with the requirements of the Charities Commission.   From the membership, people come forward to act as Trustees for the Charity and it is the membership who elect those people and, at the Annual General Meeting,  hold them to account for how they are running Elsecar Heritage Railway Ltd.    EHR is one entity, the company and the charity are the same thing, therefore Trustees of the Charity are also Directors of the company. You do not have to volunteer if you are a member.

Accountability particularly includes financial matters where, as laid down by law, the members inspect the financial health of the charity at each AGM and approve the annual accounts.
Membership is open to all from 18 years old who support the objects of the charitable company, as laid down in the Memorandum of Association of Elsecar Heritage Railway 

Membership payment is for 12 months and the Fees are set by the members at the Annual General Meeting.
Membership renewal comes due on 31 October each year. New members who have joined since 1 July will not be asked to renew their membership until 31 October in the following year.

Membership Fees:
Adult - £15.00

All members will receive a membership card as receipt for their payment and confirmation of membership.
Members are entitled to free travel on all Green and Purple Timetable services, by showing their membership card.


As Elsecar Heritage Railway is a community company, we like to support the community by allowing other organisations to use our site and facilities as part of their team development.  This includes young soldiers working for Duke of Edinburgh awards, railway apprenticies learning track skills in a safe environment away from express trains and South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue practicing for emergency scenarios.  Becoming a member, helps support this work.  Please join us as you are helping us a lot - just by being there



Elsecar Heritage Railway Limited is a company limited by guarantee and has no shares. Every member is subject to Clause 7 “Guarantee" of the Memorandum of Association of Elsecar Heritage Railway Ltd. This clause states:
“Every member promises, if the Charity is dissolved while he, she or it remains a member or within 12 months afterwards, to pay up to £1 towards the cost of dissolution and the liabilities incurred by the Charity while the contributor was a member.”
This means that should EHR go into liquidation, each member will have to pay £1.



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